parent volunteer sign-up

Thank you for your patience as we finalized the volunteer signups.  We have gotten several requests for the volunteer sign ups already.  If you signed up with interest at the parent meeting for a locker room parent, please sign up in the link below for which room / time you would like to volunteer.  click here for the link to the sign up genius that will be used for volunteer sign-ups. Please note that there will be additional signups for the cast party as well as food donations coming out in the future.

skater ad deadline and photo shoot

Don’t forget: november 17 is also the deadline for skater ads in the program - you will have a chance to place your order and your skater ad at the photo shoot!

photo schedule - sunday, november 17, 2019

As noted on the Key Dates distributed at the parent meeting, our pictures are scheduled for Sunday, November 17th. Below (and attached) is the group schedule for photos: Please arrive at least 15 minutes early on Sunday 11/17/19!

8:45- Oriental, with Dragon
9:00- Flutes
9:20- Toy Trio
9:30- Flowers, Butterflies, Dew Drop Fairies, Rose
10:00- Snowflakes, Frost Princesses, Snow Queen, Ice Queen
10:30- Spanish
10:50- Governess, Maid, Chef
11:00- Clara and Clara’s Friends
11:15- Russian
11:30- Fritz and Fritz’s Friends
11:40- Nutcracker, Clara, Fritz, Drosselmeyer
11:50- Nutcracker and Mouse Queen
12:00- Mice, Mouse Shadow, Mouse Queen
12:30- Fairies, Sugar Plum Fairy
1:00- Sweets, Mistress of Sweets
1:20- Angels
1:30- Clowns, Aunt Cinnamon
2:00- Arabian
2:15- Soldiers
2:30- Adults
3:00- Finish/break down

Cast Members - Group Practice Time

Here is the Schedule for Saturday Group Practices (Not Principals) before the show. Please check at the rink for locker room assignments.

ON ICE OFF ICE (in locker room)
-  Soldiers- Amanda 9:30- Flutes- Maddie
           Spanish- Maria          Arabian- Stacey
Clara’s Friends- Joy        Fritz’s Friends- Hannah
10:00- Flutes- Maddie 10:00- Soldiers- Amanda
            Arabian- Stacey             Spanish- Maria
            Russian- Hannah             Clara’s Friends- Joy
10:30- Sweets- Maddie 10:30- Mice- Maria
           Clowns- Amanda Snowflakes- Hannah
            Flowers- Joy   Oriental- Stacey
11:00- Fairies- Maddie 11:00- Clowns- Amanda
            Mice- Maria Flowers- Joy
             Snowflakes- Hannah          Oriental- Stacey

cast ticket sales contest is underway!

cast members who sell the most tickets can win prizes!!! use the form here to collect your ticket sales. remember, shows sell out quickly, and ordering in advance from a cast member gives the greatest discount on price - so order for all your friends, family and neighbors! The deadline is dec. 1st - please turn in your ticket order forms with one check for all the tickets, made payable to mefsc.   

parents, if you missed the meeting, check out the key informational forms here.

Adults, it is not too late to register to be in the show. Click here.