Clara- Emma Robb
Fritz- Ethan Sondrol
Drosselmeyer- Skye Patton
Governess- Grace Miller
Pastry Chef- Alex Hotze
Ladies’ Maid- Haylii Sondrol
Mistress of Sweets- Leigh Bird
Doll- Carly Sprenger
Puppet- Tatum Klippi
Ballerina- Maddie Loe
Nutcracker- Claudia Latta
Mouse Shadow- Olivia Eaton
Mouse Queen- Laura Nicula
Sugar Plum Fairy- Natalie Mispagel
Frost Princesses- Skye Brothers, Kyan LaMear, Julia Pesek
Ice Queen- Elise Berry
Snow Queen- Caroline Latta
Dragon- Marissa Gibbons
Aunt Cinnamon- Brynn LaMear
Butterflies- Marin Hessel, Alexis Romano, Lindy Shannon
Dew Drop Fairies- Mary Dill, Abbey Fritz, Jaela Kirkpatrick, Chloe O'Brien
Rose- Mara Miller

Cast Food Drive Contest

Win a Serendipity Ice Cream Party!


The group that brings the highest tallied point value of donations per skater to Friday’s Dress Rehearsal will win an ice cream party for up to 20 people at Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream in Webster Groves.  Last year the Orientals won! Who will it be this year?

·         A point system will be used giving higher values to the most needed items. Point system details can be found in the attachment.

·         All food collected will help St. Louis families through Operation Food Search.

Food Drive Tally Sheet – details on the point system

The winning group will be announced at the Sweet Endings Cast Party.

Ticket for Cast Members Ticket Contest = $10.00 per ticket

***Please complete this Google document form along with the payment***

Total Tickets Sold
Cast Member's Name
# of Tickets Sold

Once again we are working with Operation Food Search to help feed the hungry in St. Louis.  At last year’s performances, we collected a total of 3,157 pounds of food – enough to feed 789 people for one day!  Thank you for your generous support.