This version of Nutcracker on Ice was first performed in Rockford, IL in 1996. It was
created and conceived by Sharon Whitlock (our director’s mother) to give skaters the
opportunity to perform this classic, timeless story of The Nutcracker, one of
Tchaikovsky’s most famous and beloved pieces of music. Sharon also wanted the
public to have the chance to see The Nutcracker in a unique way—on ice! The show
was produced for eight years in Rockford, IL and over those years involved hundreds of
skaters and thousands of audience members. In addition, each year the show hosted a
food drive to make the holidays a little easier for those who were less fortunate.
Because of this, skaters not only had a fun experience skating in the show, but also
learned the importance and gratification in giving to others.

The show was brought to St. Louis in 2005 by Sharon’s daughter Charity, who moved to
St. Louis to attend Saint Louis University. The first year was an overwhelming success!
With two shows completely sold out and with little more than a week prior to the
shows a third show was added to accommodate the amount of people who wanted to
see this beautiful performance! Since that year, the show has continued to grow in
every aspect. Each year we have had more skaters, more audience members, more
food donations (yes, we continued the food drive), bigger sets, better costumes! The
growth would not have been possible without the dedication of many skaters, coaches,
parents, and volunteers! We hope to continue our growth with another successful year!

Our hope is that everybody who is involved in the show or sees the show is somehow
touched by the magic of the story! Whether you are a skater in the show, volunteering
for the show, or attending the show, we are confident that you will have a rewarding
experience and be glad that you had a part in this amazing production!

Clara played by Anna Ilivicky in the 2011 performances

Clara played by Anna Ilivicky in the 2011 performances


It’s Christmas at the Stahlbaum home! A huge tree and many presents fill the living
room, and guests arrive to celebrate with the family. Clara’s godfather, the mysterious
Herr Drosselmeier, brings magical toys to life to entertain the guests. He presents Clara
with the best present of all—a life-sized Nutcracker! But Clara’s brother Fritz is jealous
of her magnificent gift and breaks the Nutcracker! Clara is heart-broken and the guests
leave, but Drosselmeier repairs the Nutcracker, and just in time...

Upset about her broken toy, Clara falls asleep by the Christmas tree. The evil Mouse
Queen and her mice army sneak in to attack the Nutcracker. A battle ensues, and the
Nutcracker is struck down, nearly defeated. But Clara awakes in time to save her
Nutcracker by throwing her skate at the Mouse Queen. Clara and the Nutcracker win
the battle!

Nutcracker takes Clara through the swirling snow, to the land of the Sugar Plum Fairy.
The Sugar Plum Fairy herself presents a celebration for them, with entertainers from
every nation! Clara and the Nutcracker enjoy the festivities of music and dancing. The
Sugar Plum Fairy ends the celebration, and presents Clara with a bouquet of spring
flowers in the midst of the cold winter.